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Stephanie L Langille



My Story

My Scentsy Story started in 2009 when it first came to Canada and I attended a home party and was introduced to these amazing scents. I always loved candles and scented products, but when I was introduced to Scentsy as a Flame less/smoke less product that gave off a warm glow I was hooked.

However Scentsy came and went from my life over the next four years, as I didn't have a local consultant in my area. Finally on October 15th 2013 I decided to join Scentsy to feed my own want and love for the product. 

 I decided to spend the 129.00 on the starter kit so I could supply myself with wax.Then just days after receiving my kit, I realized Scentsy was so popular, people all around me loved the product and also didn't have easy access to it. I then realized I was not longer doing this just for me, I wanted to share this safe , great smelling product with everyone, making homes smell better, but with a much safer product than traditional candles.That 129.00 was not a was one of the best decisions I have made. 

In January 2015 I closed my Hair salon(after 11 years of being a stylist) and decided to do Scentsy full time. Over the past 7 years in my Scentsy business I have built a team of amazing people that I am honored to work with each day, I have traveled the world with Scentsy, and gained so many customers(friends). We would love to have YOU join us!


My Favourite Scents